Core Values

Doing business with the government is serious business for serious people. Our approach involves a combination of business development, market creation, and contract expertise to help meet a government need and sell your company’s products without disrupting your core business strategy.

To accomplish this, we rely on our three core values.


We will produce a written strategy to assess your product’s position, its use cases, what government agencies will make use of it, how they’ll use it, and who will pay for it. We’ll also provide a forecast of key contract opportunities over the next 5 years for those agencies. The result will be highly targeted and effective business development.


A sound strategy breaks down when there isn’t a process to execute it. We make sure our plan is executable within a framework that is highly refined to produce success. Everything we do is intentionally designed to be a repeatable, highly efficient, completely integrated process. Our strategy is customized, but our activities are highly methodical. 


We are committed to being completely transparent to ensure you understand what work we plan to perform, how long we expect it to take, and what it will cost. After the work is completed, you will receive a report that fully outlines how we spent our time. Our rates may keep the lights on for our company, but our profit comes from producing wins.  

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