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SBIR Walkthrough Webinar

Christina and Kyle give you a crash course in the SBIR grant process. What it is, how it can help, and strategies your company can follow to win.

Logins, Registrations, and Credentials

Margo goes through all the registrations and logins you will need to submit a SBIR proposal

So You’ve Won a Phase I. Now What?

Christina and Kyle go through next steps after you’re company wins a Phase I contract, including timing, deliverables, and the all-important MOU.

So You’ve Won a Phase II. Now What?

Christina and Kyle walk you through next steps as you execute on your Phase II contract. Learn what is expected, how to deliver, and what’s at stake.

How to Find and Apply for Government Contracts

Laura and Kyle walk you through the world of government contracting. Topics include where to find opportunities, how to secure your company’s fit, and how to apply.

How to Successfully Execute Your Government Contract

Join Laura and Kyle as they walk you through successful contract administration. From how to communicate with your government POC to deliverables to internal government report cards. This short video covers it all!

Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs)

Laura and Kyle walk you through the all-important government wide acquisition contract, a MUST if your company is considering doing business with the government.

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